Why Full Service Truck Lease?

  • Better control
  • No financing necessary
  • No maintenance to worry about
  • Substitutes to keep you running
  • Access to over 900 locations in the US and Canada
  • Less time spent on trucking; more time for your business
  • Daily rental for your peak periods
  • Reduced liability
  • Maximize fleet uptime and customer satisfation

Is Leasing a Better Option Than Buying?

Why is full-service truck leasing smarter than buying? There are several reasons:

  • A lease offers tax advantages. Whatever type of lease you have, the payments are normally deductible as an operating expense.
  • Leasing looks better on a balance sheet.
  • Because your truck lease is not normally required to be shown as debt, you will find it easier to maintain your borrowing power for operating costs.
  • Leasing helps your cash flow. With a Full Service Truck Lease, there is no down payment and monthly payments are generally lower than they would be with traditional financing.
  • You can focus on your business, and leave the used equipment business to us. When it’s time for an upgrade, you can roll into a new lease with a predictable payment.
  • A full service lease will reduce your overall transportation costs, improve your customer service, and increase your bottom line.

Full service truck leasing is the business tool large companies have used for years to expand their fleets and grow their businesses. Diversified Truck Leasing offers full service truck leasing at very competitive rates, nation wide.  We have full service truck leasing connections across the country and work around the clock to keep you on the go.

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No question: A good businessman needs good equipment to keep their business moving forward. Whether you need to replace your existing semi tractor, trailer, box truck, or other equipment, or you’re looking to expand your fleet, there is no easier way than leasing from Diversified Truck Leasing.  With a full-service truck lease, you free up capital to use in growing your business!

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